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Republic Day

Republic Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Republic Day, otherwise known as Proclamazione della Repubblica or Festa della Reppublica, is the public holiday that commemorates the day Italy became a republic.

20242 JunSunRepublic Day
20252 JunMonRepublic Day
20262 JunTueRepublic Day
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Every year, on June 2nd, the citizens of Italy celebrate a day that went down in history. In 1946, as the nation recovered from the ravages of World War II, a referendum was held to allow the people to choose the form of government for their country.

After struggling with Fascism during the conflicts in Europe, Italy needed to choose between a republic and a monarchy. The citizens opted for a republic, forcing their monarchs into exile. It was a time of great rejoicing.

Italy’s Republic Day is considered the day that the nation was born. It compares to Independence Day in the United States or France’s Bastille Day and is cause for great celebration. Every year, the public gathers to join in the festivities. In the capital of Rome, a military parade is the main attraction. It’s a time to roll out the welcome mat as embassies throughout the nation celebrate as well. A wreath is placed on the Unknown Soldier’s grave at the Altare della Patria in recognition of those who sacrificed the most for Italy.

After the national parade, led by the republic’s president, the Palazzo del Quirinale becomes a point of interest as the public gardens officially open for the season. The Italian air force joins in the festivities as well, marking the occasion with a flyover, trailing Italy’s colors through the sky.

Republic Day is a day that marks a time of patriotic spirit as the citizens of Italy show their great pride in the nation. The public chooses this day to eat, drink, and be merry with gusto as they recognize their freedom from a dark time in their history. Republic Day is a glorious time.

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20232 JunFriRepublic Day
20222 JunThuRepublic Day
20212 JunWedRepublic Day
20202 JunTueRepublic Day
20192 JunSunRepublic Day
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20172 JunFriRepublic Day