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Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2025 and 2026

Italy celebrates Father’s Day on Saint Joseph’s Day, which falls on 19 March. This is unlike in the US and many other countries that celebrate Father’s Day in June. In Italy, this observance is not a public holiday but it is widely celebrated.

202519 MarWedFather's Day
202619 MarThuFather's Day
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Joseph, as the foster father of Jesus, is considered the most iconic example of a good father. Thus, the Catholic faith of most Italians and their Father’s Day traditions are very much interconnected.

On Father’s Day, children in Italy will write homemade cards for their Dad, buy them small gifts, and tell them how much they are appreciated. Typically, there is a Father’s Day lunch for Dad as well and maybe a short day trip.

But the symbol of Father’s Day in Italy is clearly a pastry, the Bigne di San Giuseppe. It is very sweet, similar to a cream puff, and consumed on Father’s Day all over Italy.

Previous Years

202419 MarTueFather's Day
202319 MarSunFather's Day